Automation (Pharma) Ltd has extensive experience of automation design, spanning many industrial sectors.

We use the latest CAD facilities to generate 3D designs so that customers are able to readily appreciate and evaluate our proposals.  Camera view moving graphics assist with details of innovative solutions.

Detailed drawings will be submitted along with costs/benefits statements, and providing customers with the information they require in order to satisfy internal approval processes.


Automation (Pharma) Ltd takes responsibility for a total project.  We observe Gamp 4 protocols and ensure that our developments comply with FDA requirements: such as 21CFR part 11.  ATEX validation is forming a new requirement and we have completed a number of projects where this is key.


Our internal project management systems ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.  Interactive online GANTT charts showing actual daily position are being introduced accessed by customer password.

Our manufacturing facilities are skilled in stainless steel machining and fabrication ensuring the necessary quality standards.

Prior to installation we will personally consult with everyone involved and draw up a plan and timetable that meets everyone’s constraints and requirements.  Regular progress meetings are held and any modifications to plans or actions arising are fully documented after each meeting.

Following installation Automation (Pharma) Ltd provides operator training and will then support the customer during initial proving, remaining on site for as long as is necessary.

ISO  9001  
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